I am anticipating sunshine and happiness while I listen to the rain outside... I'm going on vacation!

{Beautiful Kate Spade planner c/o my blogging BFF Jamie from Ruby Slipper Diaries!}
I'm headed to Phoenix tonight to spend a week with my family, to stand by my sister while she says her 'I Do's', and to relax! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to pack, right?

To ensure that I don't forget anything, I created a handy packing check list>>

You can download my file here! I hope it helps!

I won't be posting a 'what's in my bag', I plan on taking lots of pictures!


Fall In Love: Maid of Honor Style with Weddington Way

Today I'm teaming up with Weddington Way, an online wedding boutique. I was challenged with styling one of their bridesmaid's dresses for a Maid of Honor. Ironically, I will be Maid of Honor in my little sister's wedding in less than a month and I am currently working on styling the bridal party! My sister's wedding is inspired by the Fall, so I decided to use her theme and style what I would like to wear as Maid of Honor at her wedding.

Her wedding is going to be warm and rustic with a casual elegance. It will be held outdoors in the Arizona sun so I knew that heels wouldn't be an option and that sleeves wouldn't be necessary. Her colors are very earthy, but she requested that I wear a shade of 'pumpkin.' The dresses on the Weddington Way site each come in a ton of color options so it was easy to find a style that fit the wedding environment and a color that fit the theme. This dress is the Wtoo 337 in the color 'cinnamon.' It's soft, romantic vibe and rich color are perfect for a Fall outdoor wedding.

Fall In Love: Maid of Honor

Shop the look:


Pumpkin Patch Tips

There's a few things that I wish I had or that I wish I had done this year at the pumpkin patch. If you haven't gone yet this year, here's a few tips:

If you're in a colder climate, dress accordingly. Wear a long sleeve, a sweater, and a coat. Think you're wearing enough? Put some more on! It's difficult to enjoy yourself when you're freezing!
My advice: bring an extra coat just in case, and wear a washable coat with a hood {like a North Face} over everything because you will get wet and dirty.

You're going to be trekking through dirt and mud, so don't wear your new shoes! You'll want to wear something washable, and that keeps your feet warm and dry.
My advice: wear a pair of rain boots {like Hunter Boots}

No one likes dirt under their nails {especially with a new mani!} Keep in mind that you are picking your pumpkin from it's home in the dirt off of a prickly vine...
My advice: bring a pair of gardening gloves. You'll keep your hands soft and clean.

I didn't want to put a dirty, muddy pumpkin on the carpet of my car... I wished that there had been a place or a way for me to give my pumpkin a bath before bringing it home.
My advice: pack Wet Wipes for a messy pumpkin and any mess on you.