DIY Heart Ribbon Choker Necklace

I was shopping for Valentine's Day fashions when I came across this heart choker on asos.com, I thought it was really cute but totally not worth the $35 price tag! The next day I'm watching YouTube videos and I spot a similar necklace on Nicole Guerriero- I took it as a sign that I needed this necklace in my life...but I hated the price. It's sold out now, so even more reason to make one myself!

Here's how I made one-

DIY heart ribbon choker necklace how to

Step 1: Cut your ribbon to your desired length.
I wrapped the ribbon around my neck to find my length- then cut it a few hearts shorter to allow for the clasp. 

Step 2: Attach the ribbon fasteners using pliers.
Simply squish the fastener onto the end of your ribbon with your pliers. The tips of my needle nose pliers had a kind of texture for grip purposes, and the inner half did not. I applied pressure with the inner portion of the pliers so that the textured nose wouldn't scratch my ribbon fasteners

Step 3: Attach jump rings.
Open the jump rings and feed them onto the loop of the ribbon fasteners. I spread the opening of the jump rings in my fingers. Don't close these yet!

Step 4: Attach the clasp and chain.
Feed the loop on the end of the clasp onto the jump ring on one of the ends of your choker, and feed the chain onto the other. Close the jump rings with your needle nose pliers.

Here's the finished look!

DIY heart ribbon choker necklace perfect for valentines day

Supplies I used:
Heart ribbon- $1 for 2 yards at Walmart
Needle nose pliers
Ribbon fasteners- pack of 39 for $1.94 at Walmart
Jump rings, clasp, small chain - pack of 75 for $2.94 at Walmart

The supplies for this project cost me about $6, but I have tons of ribbons and fixings left! I broke down the price per piece and this one necklace used $0.40 worth of the supplies that I purchased!

diy heart ribbon choker necklace


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