DIY Lace and Pearl Chandelier

It all started while I was thrifting- as do most of my adventures...

Months ago I came across this lamp shade frame and fell in love with it's shape. Didn't know what I was going to do with it (or the two other matching ones I bought along with it) but I convinced myself I needed it...

The more I pondered the endless possibilities and potential this little lamp shade had, the more I couldn't decide what to do with it! I guess it's a good thing I bought it's sisters, right?
My mom came across the doily while rummaging through some boxes. (One of my ideas was to completely cover the shade with doilies.) But only finding one- and it being just about the right size for the base of the frame- I created a sort of chandelier base for the lamp shade by tacking the edges up with needle and thread.

This is where I got a little stuck and just put the project aside... I had no idea where to go from there! Last Monday I was at Goodwill, again, and found a gallon size zip-lock bag full of strands of pearls. Light bulb! I should use these for my chandelier!

It only took me a week to get around to working on the thing. I would say that's pretty good after months of procrastination and crafter's-block (is that such a thing?)

I went to town and started draping the pearls every which way all over the shade. No rhyme or reason, no pattern, just random. Then I wove a few strands through the doilie, leaving swoops for more effect. I had a stroke of good luck finding an extremely long strand amidst my bag of pearls and ran it through the center of the chandelier for hanging purposes. Finally, believe it or not, I found that little blue crystal hanging out in my purse. I attached that to the center strand with some thread.

Viola! My shabby chic chandelier has finally come together! Now to find a space to hang it and enjoy its beauty.

What you'll need to re-create this chandelier:

  • a lamp shade frame (or remove the fabric from and old shade)
  • a doily or piece of lace to fit the base of your shade
  • strands of plastic pearls, beads, or anything else you'd like to use to accent
  • needle and thread

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