Fashion Shoot!

Your first best friend is your cousin. In the case of my sister and I, our steady best friends are our cousins. Meet the girls~
Autumn, the youngest at 15, is on the right. Maddie, my sister, is in the middle. She is 18. Last in line is Willow, 17.
The girls allowed me to paint their faces and don them with clothes in excited anticipation for this little photo shoot!
Maddie has been collecting some really great pieces in her wardrobe, I was inspired to make outfits with them! The outfits in our shoot are either completely hers or featuring her items
Autumn is wearing Maddie's shirt with her own jacket and khakis. Accessories provided by myself.

Maddie's outfit is 100% from her closet.

Willow is sporting Maddie's tops and shoes with her own jeans and my purse.

Outfit change!~
Willow is wearing an artsy collab of Maddie's and my own closet. This outfit captures her personality.

Maddie looks super sweet in her Madden heels and floral skirt. I had the perfect pairings to match.

I almost died over Maddie's hippie pants. Autumn rocked them with a few pieces from my closet.

They were being goofy, nothing out of the usual for us!

And we changed one more time~
This outfit is a mix of new and vintage from Maddie's closet.

I accessorized Willow in Maddie's chevron shorts with a few of my pieces.

Autumn is wearing Maddie's fab fringe top.

I paired it with some really eye catching pieces from my closet.
We seriously had so much fun prepping and taking pictures that we decided to do it again next week!

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