Birthday Weekend {Day 2}

Day two was kick started with a delicious brunch!
My parents, in the company of my little brother, treated me to a Mexican brunch buffet. We gorged ourselves on breakfast treats like Belgian waffles drizzled with strawberry syrup and topped with whipped cream, then on lunch favorites {I ate more fajitas than I should have!} I wish I had taken pictures for you to drool over, but there was no pausing!
By the time we had waddled out of the restaurant it was afternoon and we had no other festivities on our agenda. That was until we were reminded of the classic car show that was in action downtown! "The Cruz," that's what they called it.
These were a few of our most frequent quotes used that afternoon>>
"I used to have one of those"
"It's so shiny"
"Where are the corvettes?"
When I say our quotes... I mean my dad's quotes, mom and I were just saying them with him to make fun of him!
Here's some photos>>

It was a lot of fun! I loved all of the old cars, it was like stepping back in time for a few hours. I definitely have an interest in vintage vehicles {like everything else vintage!} A great way to end a fantastic birthday weekend!

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