Coast to Coast Challenge {Royals}

If you've listened to the radio lately you have probably heard the new Lorde song "Royals." It's been playing in my head ever since I first heard it, very catchy. Today's Coast to Coast Challenge was inspired by the song- regal colors, fabrics, and embellishments were incorporated into my look today.

//You can call me Queen B// This was a fun challenge! What a great concept! Every girl should feel like royalty, but do we ever really dress with that in mind? When you get dressed every morning you should feel comfortable, happy, and special.

What's more regal than jewels and feathers on your jewel-tone heels? These gorgeous Enzo Angiolini heels that I thrifted a while back are shown off with my brocade ankle pants {another very regal touch.}

I felt so lux adorning all of these gems. Along with my faux leopard fur scarf! This is a mash up of thrift finds and eBay deals. Would a royal would wear any less bling? I think not!

This look is fit for a royal on an average person's budget!


  1. Absolutely adore the shoes! Nice blog!

    Lorraine xx


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