Coast to Coast Challenge {Spice Up Your Life} + Saturday Shenanigans

I simply cannot put into words {at least typed words} my excitement for this challenge! Who didn't love the Spice Girls in the 90's? And who didn't love 90's fashion?
What goes around comes around, and the 90's have definitely come back around! I had such an overwhelming amount of inspiration spilling from my closet for this challenge. It was virtually impossible to decide on a single outfit!
I was pressed for time though and threw on what I could>>

I went back in time for this challenge. Doc Marten's on my feet, high waist jeans with a button up tied at the waist, and a Mickey crop top strait from the 90's. I had to play the part, with my messy hair, dark lipstick, attitude and filter I think I hit the nail on the head.

{It began to rain cats and dogs the minute that I decided to take pictures, so now you have a sneak peak in my apartment!}


My 90's inspiration carried on over the past couple of days, this is what I wore today>>

{Don't ask why I was pointing down... Anthony likes to take candid shots and I can only assume I was talking about my shoes?}

I found this retro romper at St. Vinny's and tied a chambray top over it, slipped on my Target clearance booties for an edge, and found an awesome Juicy sun hat to wear with it!

I had to go out in search for my best friend Kristine's birthday gift today, and did a little selling along the way {$$} You could find me at the usual suspects- UrbanXChange and Plato's Closet.

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