Coast to Coast Challenge {Suit and Tie}

Thank you J.T. for today's outfit inspiration! {and of course C2C Central for hosting this challenge!}
Suit and tie.
I had somewhat of an internal debate with myself on this one... The obvious choice would be a blazer, and the problem is I wear blazers fairly regularly.
Why is this a problem?
Well, the objective of the Coast to Coast Challenge is to inspire you to wear something that you normally wouldn't. It's a closet remix challenge, the ladies behind the scenes want you to create something new!
With that winning argument I decided to don my vintage three piece suit that I was almost certain I would never get a chance to wear! That's what this challenge is all about though!

I feel like I'm something straight out of the '60's! I absolutely adore this suit set. It called to me in the store, "Rachael, try me on" and I couldn't resist it when it fit like a glove!

I found this vintage bag at Goodwill and it reminded me of a few that my mom had collected years ago. The colors and pattern reminds me of peacocks, I love peacocks!

This suit is bedazzled with several of these golden teardrop rhinestones. I wouldn't have it any other way! Like my necklace? You can find one at Sira Mara.

Fact: my hair never looks perfect, there's too much of it! My sock bun is nearly as big as my head but I still cannot let go of my locks <3

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  1. You look amazing! The pic on Instagram didn't do your outfit Justice! Gorgeous!

    ~Jamie @RubySlipperDiaries


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