Coast to Coast Challenge {Headbands + Headscarves}

Today we are donning our headbands and headscarves for the Coast to Coast Challenge...
I opted for the headscarf, simply because I can't remember the last time I wore one>>
This picture is oriented in the wrong direction, why? Well, the only explanation I have for you is that it was just meant to be that way {I suppose}. Wrapped around my noggin is a vintage lace scarf, on my lips is one of my all time favorite lipsticks: Revlon 'Wine Not' {perfect for fall}

Anthony and I were working on decorating some mini pumpkins, naturally I had to include one in a picture. Makes my outfit that much more fall ready!

My sweater was thrifted by my mom, she said it reminded her of fall leaves {I agree}. I'm wearing an amber-colored glass bead necklace also from my mom. This burgundy velvet maxi is vintage, I found it at Goodwill. Also from Goodwill: my amber bracelet.

I feel like a gypsy in this outfit.

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