{DIY} Spiderweb Tiara

A few weeks ago I came across a really great pin on Pinterest for a spiderweb tiara. I had to make it! It is the girlishness of a tiara mixed with the spookiness of Halloween. Perfection.

If you have experience working with wire {like jewelry making} then this will be an easy project for you. If you're like me, well then you'll have a little bit of difficulty. I'd say if I could successfully recreate this pin with acrylic nails then anyone can!

Step one: Get your supplies.
I thifted a few bundles of thin wire strips, you can find some at a hardware store. You will need 2-3 different gauges {thicknesses}. For tools, you need needle nose pliers and wire cutters.

Step two: Attach two strips to create the base.
Using your fingers, wrap the ends of two wires together. Measure the entirety around your head and wrap the other ends together to fit. Use the needle nose pliers to create finished ends.

Step three: Finish the base
Use the wire cutters to trim off the excess after fitting the wire to your head. Again, finish off the ends by loping them closed with the needle nose pliers.

Step four: Creating the structure for the web
Cut strips of wire in descending sizes {i used my mid gauge} and wrap around the base of the tiara {use your fingers and/or the needle nose pliers} Fold over the tops using the pliers to create a finished end.

 Step five: Creating the web
Using my smallest gauge wire I wrapped across to create a droopy web.

The finished product!

Need costume inspiration? I used it for a "Spider Queen" look {incorporating another Pin for my makeup}Here's how I styled it>>

 Happy Haunting!

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