Fancy Fireplace

The fireplace is getting festive>>

I only wish we had a mantle! Now, we never use the fireplace {I don't know how!} but it's a nice area for decorating. In front of the screen I have 16 tealight candles in this very pretty candle holder. {Props to mom for finding it!} It makes me feel like there is a fire burning when I light the candles. I was inspired by a Pin to hang the "flying" bats. They are just dollar store cut outs that I bent in the wings and taped up to look as if they were flying right out of the fireplace. Spooky, right? Standing on each side of the candle holder are tall vases {I found these at a cute antique store} filled with pine cones and beaded decorative branches. They bring a feeling of the outdoors inside. I'll leave the pine cones through the holidays, and when the new year comes around I'll change them out for something more fitting.

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