Haunted Home Decor

I absolutely love October.
Halloween has been, and always will be, one of my favorite holidays. It's the perfect kick off to an amazing Fall and Winter season full of fun, food, and family.
It brings me great delight to begin the festivities within our little home. Let the Halloween decorating begin!
I started in the living room, sprucing up my mirrored nesting tables that I have cascading away from my antique door>>
Draped over the upper corner of the door is a large feather, in case you couldn't tell. {I would have loved to have this drooping out of a vase, but a vase was not to be found} It slightly masks my vintagey "Happy Halloween" ghost sign that I found at the Dollar Tree. Everything else in this picture is secondhand.

"Something wicked this way comes..."
These little spooks were a hand me down from my Halloween-obsessed little sis. How perfect of a gift to go with my ghost sign! They sit upon a stack of Stephen King hardback books, because there is no other author more perfect for the holiday.
I sprinkled the table in tea light candles. Whether I use them or I don't they still add a spooky effect. Tucked in between is a glittered spider web pumpkin that Anthony so proudly made for decoration.

The mirrored witch's hat and spider web are both plates originally from TJMaxx, I found these thrifting a few weeks ago. I made the witch's hat more of a prop by standing it upright with a plate stand {you can get them at a craft store}. Hiding behind it is a small witch broom. "Wicked" came from mom, she found it on clearance somewhere in Arizona a few years back.
The mirrored spider web plate is sitting atop a large goblet filled with glittered golf balls {DIY} to add height variation and more sparkle. On top are a glittered skull {he lights up!} and a fluffy little owl. He's just keeping an eye on things up there.
Did you notice the window in the background?

Spiders are falling from the window frame! {Feels like a scary movie...} Dollar Tree spider cut outs {15 in a pack} are just taped to the glass. Their web was created with 1/8" art tape from Staples. I got  this idea from Pinterest. Follow my account {linked through the gold P under my picture in the side bar} for more fun ideas!


  1. Thanks for sharing such a great ideas for celebrating Halloween Seattle 2013. It's such a memorable day for me and my family to enjoy Seattle halloween parties.

  2. Halloween is my Favorite holiday!!!! I'm slacking on the house decor.... Great ideas!


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