Life Lately + More Halloween


Halloween is quickly approaching and this is the most I have set up since my last post! 

 For the past week my time has been consumed by work and packing. No, I'm not moving, but my family is. Yesterday was the day I have been pretending would never come. My family came to say goodbye and began their three day drive to sunny Arizona in what my mom was calling, "the Hatton train." {Since they planned to drive the moving van and two cars all in line} Thankfully I have a week of vacation from work to pick up the pieces from their departure. {And to focus on some more holiday projects!} They will be terribly missed. My apologies for the sudden distance and lack of posts, but more is in store! 

 Enjoy your families!

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  1. Awwwww!!!!! It's never 'good bye' it's See You Later ;) I have never been to Arizona but I heard it's warm and wonderful, a great place to visit your family! Hang in there.


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