My Fall Beauty Products

When I left my apartment this morning it was cold enough for me to see my breath. I got in my car and instinctively looked up into my rearview mirror to see the temperature. 47 degrees. I think the summer-fall transition is over, it is officially fall {maybe even fall-winter!}
It's time to transition to my fall beauty products!
Lately Anthony has been complaining about the "clutter" on the vanity in the bathroom, claiming that I, "have too much makeup." Because of this I have been trying to reorganize the bathroom. I have had my spring and summer makeup/beauty supplies out and the fall and winter tucked away.
I left the basics {obviously} and swapped out the bright colors and floral-y scents for deep colors and richer scents.
Jewel-toned liners are a great way to incorporate fall {and winter} colors into your makeup routine. These are Milani and Jordana pencils, you can find these at your drugstore for just a few dollars. They have a very smooth application and high pigmentation.

This is my favorite time of the year for lipstick. I love dark berries, purples, browns, and wine reds. These will be my most reached for {Mac- Call My Bluff, Sharp Focus, Riveting. Revlon- Wine Not. Rimmel Kate Moss- 04. Wet N Wild- Sugar Plum Fairy, Vamp It Up. Milani- Sangria. Loreal Project Runway- The Mystics Kiss.} The cold weather transition is harsh on my lips so I like to use a really conditioning and plumping {because of the tingle effect} lip product. My favorite is the Avon Plumping Pout gloss.

We swapped out our hand soap in the bathroom for Bath and Body Works Orchard Leaves antibacterial soap {from last year}. Also from Bath and Body I now carry my little Chocolate Chew ghost hand sanitizer. As for perfume, I'm switching back to my Ralph Lauren Romance. I wish I could describe to you how it smells! It's both mine and Anthony's favorite.

I love gold eyes for fall! Pigments give the best shimmery look, but on my lazy days I just prime my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed and call it good. It itself gives a soft gold glittery base.

The oldie-but-goodie elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder. Okay, I didn't put this one away, I just wanted to stress the vitality of bronzer in the fall.

A new season calls for a new hair color. Currently on my locks is Revlon Burgundy. The best part? It was only $2.99 at Target.

Ew, what is that white junk in the jar? I'm sure that's what you were just thinking. To answer that, mom and I split a rather large tub of coconut oil from Costco. She very kindly canned my portion for me. So, coconut oil, I use this in so many ways. It is my conditioner, moisturizer, and face wash {mixed with baking soda}. And, to keep that summer glow going, Banana Boat Summer Color Tanning Lotion. I hated the Jergens gradual tanning lotion and gave this a try a few years ago. Been addicted ever since. It gives you instant color, which is just the way I like it.

I am dying to get my nails done again, but until I make the leap I will be painting my stubs in dark shimmery shades.

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