{October} Ipsy Glam bag: First Impressions

Dear Ipsy, I love you. The end.

Very pleased with this month's Ipsy subscription bag! Probably the most pleased I have been yet.

Let's start with the bag: Eh, this was my least favorite item. It's so cheesy! "Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." Sorry to anyone who loved it, but I won't use mine. I would give it to a little cousin {if I had one}.
As for le products~
Bella Terra pigment in Navy- Wow, this is very pretty! A very appropriate dark shimmery navy for the fall and winter months, I can't wait to use it.
Coastal Scents eye shadow brush- You can never have to many brushes and Coastal Scents makes great ones!
Zoya nail polish in Giovanna- A few months ago Zoya polish was also one of my five items received. Normally I would be upset to find a repeat so soon, but isn't this color beautiful? It looks more teal in the picture than it really is, I would cal it more of a shimmery emerald. Such a pretty color for Fall!
Sexy Hair spray clay- Don't get me wrong I love the brand, but I don't love how frequently it's used in Glam Bags... At this this time it is a product I have never tried. Maybe I'll like it, who knows. It is a texturizing spray {and I have plenty of texture already!}
Starlooks lip pencil in Tipsy- I'm going to be honest, I haven't tried the last one they sent me yet, so I can't speak to the brand as of now. It is a pretty color though, an almost-coral pink.

Overall I was satisfied with the colors and diversity of products Ipsy picked for me to enjoy this month! I give it four stars. {out of five!}

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