Feelin' Festive

What's more festive than red Hunter boots? They are my latest obsession...
 {mine need a bath!}
I paired my boots with this Forever 21 scarf I picked up from their clearance section. It's pretty similar to the coveted Zara blanket scarf. {There's an H&M version too!} Plaid screams Christmas, to me at least, and especially so when paired with snowflake earrings!

My top reminds me of candy canes! {I've been loving pairing patterns lately}
Top: vintage Nordstrom {thrifted}
Scarf: Forever 21 {sales rack}
Jeans: MEK {sales rack}
Shoes: Hunter boots {sales rack}
Purse: Kate Spade {sales rack}
Earrings: gift

Merry Christmas!

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