While I Was Away...

Two hour drive to the airport, three hour flight, and six days spent in Arizona. Three hours on the plane back and an hour drive home. My vacation went by nearly as quickly as that! Six days seemed like long enough on paper when I was planning this trip, but I have to say I could have used another six more!

I had so many plans for this trip: shopping, going out for food at my favorite places, quality time with my family, shopping, and shopping. I got to everything on my list and more during this trip but in a very rushed fashion. 

Here's what I was up to~
-Went to see the movie Frozen
-Went bowling {I got too into it and broke a nail off!}
-Went to one of my favorite restaurants, Golden Corral {twice}
-Visited my favorite bakery,New York West {twice}
-Thrifted at every local location
-Traveled to my favorite shop, Nordstrom Last Chance
-Learned how to shoot a gun
-Spent 7 hours straight shopping with my sister
-Watched Christmas Vacation as in tradition
-Opened Christmas presents
-Experienced In-N-Out burger for the very first time
-Went to a carnival and took several silly shots in a photo booth, saw exotic animals, drooled over antique cars, and viewed award winning gingerbread houses

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