A Little Extra Christmas

I've been slacking on my posts lately... I still have some Christmas to share! Better late than never though right?

This was my family's decor this year when I visited them in Arizona a few weeks ago>>
Real trees are obviously not as easily obtainable in AZ as they are here in WA. This year my family used a white faux tree, mom chose a silver and gold theme. Maddie wrapped all of the presents {even re-wrapped some} in order to suit the theme.

Mom made a creative display of mirrors and screens behind the tree. They sparkle with tinsel and beads and other pretties.

The floating shelf balanced on top displays reindeer that my dad bought for us girls years and years ago while he was on travel. They make an appearance every year.  

Though the season is over I'm glad I got to share my last bit of Christmas magic with you!

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