A Sweet Gift From a Sweet Friend

Remember when I introduced you to Jamie from Ruby Slipper Diaries back in October during our Fall Trends collaboration? If you don't remember you simply must pay her a visit!

Well, the lovely fashionista sent me the greatest holiday/thank you/friendship gift!

Jamie and I have never met- we correspond via email, blog comments, and Instagram {we like to re-pin each others pictures on Pinterest too}. Regardless of our physical distance it feels as though I have a friend close by. It's amazing how well Jamie and I have come to know each other, this gift is absolutely spot on my style. 

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned, but I have a candle obsession. Everyday a candle is burning in our apartment. Jamie sent me a beautiful {handmade?} candle set in a martini glass that smells like heaven. In case you're wondering, heaven smells like chocolate raspberry. I cannot {seriously cannot} stop smelling it. Also, while I was doing some Christmas shopping I was eyeing this adorable "stay chic" clutch at American Eagle but told myself not to get it, how perfect! And Jamie, I plan to monogram everything with my new stamp {because everything is better monogrammed, right?}

I am so thankful to have found such supportive friends in the blogging community. Jamie sent me only the most adorable card full of love and I am so appreciative! 


  1. Sorry for the belated comment... I am sooo glad you like it! The candle was made by a friend of mine- Raspberry Mocha (You have a great nose :) I remembered you mentioning in another post that you love candles and what girl doesn't love chocolate?! There is a hint of peppermint too.... If I recall on IG you love Starbucks peppermint Mocha (Me too). EVERYTHING is better monogrammed- I have an obsession with stationary. With all the technology we have sometimes it's nice to get a hand written note ;)

    Thank YOU for everything! So glad we met, even if it is Virtual.
    xo Jamie

    1. After posting this I found the hair accessories in the clutch and was sorry that they didn't get included! I am completely in love with all of it! Somehow you got to know me so well! I am more than thankful for our friendship, I'm excited to send off a monogrammed note to my blogger BFF(:


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