I couldn't resist another wear of this skirt before Spring decides to come around! It makes me happy. It's okay to wear a statement piece twice within a week, right?

The pattern on this vintage Pendleton reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts to be specific. This time I styled it a little more feminine {see my last outfit here.}

I wanted the skirt to be the focus of this outfit so I didn't wear much jewelry, just a handful of silver bangles on my wrist. No need for a necklace with this embellished crop top, the shape of this top really balances the fullness of the skirt too. My silver cap toed heels bring out the color detail in the skirt and the silver accent of the neckline and bracelets. For a jacket {because it was a must in this weather} I wore a basic khaki trench.

I learned how to fishtail braid from Pinterest and now I am obsessed... such a simple hairstyle that looks great with any outfit!


  1. Yet another Amazing outfit, I love this skirt and how you styled it both times. Statement piece twice in one week- Survey Says... Rock it if you Got it! It's too pretty a piece not to wear as much as you can.

    and.... Happy belated Blog-A-Versary! Compass Lane Chic is a Year Old! Congrats!

    ~Jamie xoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you!! Oh my I hadn't even realized that it has been a year! I must celebrate!
      xoxo Much love Jamie!


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