Casual in Camo

I got these pictures in during the only few moments of blue sky today... Well maybe not blue sky, just clear sky. Soon afterwards we were experiencing what felt like a monsoon! Glorious Washington weather! {that was sarcasm} Fortunately I've planned an Arizona vacay for spring break to get in some much needed sun and family time.

I used to detest camo and would refuse to wear any piece that included the print. It wasn't until this year that I opened up to it. My best friend and I were out shopping at the mall a few weeks ago and I stumbled upon this scarf on a clearance rack at JCP. The muted color palette of this camouflage encouraged me to give camo another go {the price of $1.97 totally justified it!}

Anthony and I spent the late morning running errands so I wasn't compelled to really get 'dressed up' this morning. I stuck to a simple boyfriend tee and jeans, added a blazer to look a little more put together, my studded booties for an edge, and of course the scarf for print. I haven't let go of this Kate Spade yet, I am still so in love! Same goes for these earrings: Anthony got these for me as a Christmas gift and I just adore the detailing in them. Plus, they go with everything!

Blazer: Old Navy {thrifted}// Tee: Old Navy// Jeans: Earnest Sewn {thrifted}// Boots: Target// Scarf: JCPenny// Purse: Kate Spade// Earrings: Juicy Couture//

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