Drizzly Saturday

Despite the cold and sprinkling rain today I was determined to dress in brighter color!

All dressed up and nowhere to go. Today I attempted to curl my hair with my straightener using a pin as instruction... Fail. All I got was a slight wave, I think even my natural hair has more wave than this.

I've been holding onto this jacket for quite some time now and this is the first time it has made it's was out from behind my closet doors. The colors in this floral print scream Spring. If only it were!

Coat: Rodarte for Target {thrifted}//Dress: Old Navy// Boots: Uggs {secondhand}// Jewelry: Target and vintage// Purse: Coach {secondhand}//Belt: vintage {thrifted}//Sunglasses: Kohls//Lips: Mac//


  1. I'm glad I'm not alone- I tried following that Pin too to curl my hair with the straightener- Epic fail! It did some weird crease/crimp thing not a curl at all and left me a little frizzy. I just can't get the hang of it!

    All dressed up and no where to go?!?! I've been obsessed with this look since you first posted- you remind me of an actress from the 70's and I just can't spit out her name!!! Driving me nuts! I'll figure it out eventually :) She's gorgeous and was a fashion icon, that's all I got.

    On to the outfit.... The coat does scream Spring and I hope mother nature heard it! The color of your bag is Perfect! And that daisy bracelet is Awesome, daisies are my favorite flower. Seriously beautiful photos! Those sunglasses are too cute on you!

    1. Neither of us were born a natural hair stylist! Regardless, we still look great! I'd love to hear who she is and research her once you remember her name, that's a compliment you don't hear everyday! And it's too funny that daisies are my favorite flower too! We have so much in common(: thank you for the thoughtful comment Jamie!


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