I Scream, You Scream... Ice Cream!

I have a weakness for sugar, sweets, and treats...And everyone knows it! My friend stumbled upon a new ice cream shop once upon a time and taunted me with the notion that he would one day share the location. It was pure torture! Last night an invitation was extended to me to enjoy Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt>>

Their interior was very colorful with decor reminiscent of the periodic table {it will all make sense soon...} How it works: choose a base {milk, custard, lactose free, yogurt, and more} choose your flavor(s) {there's about 50!} and choose your mix in(s) {tons of options there too} It's like a delicious match-up of Cold Stone and a frozen yogurt shop.

Here's their gimmick- they freeze their dessert with liquid nitrogen! {Told you the science references would make sense!} All of this is done right in front of you, it's a very different and exciting experience that keeps the tiny shop ever full of customers.

The end result: what you see here is amaretto/mocha custard with "almond joy" {mini choco chips, coconut flakes, and almond bits} and aside it is tiger's blood/orange ice cream with marshmallows and chocolate candy bits. Can you guess which is mine? 

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