Snow Boots and Winter Neutrals

The snow decided to stick around... This was a blessing in disguise. It is true that I hate the snow for many reasons, {mainly for the chilly weather} but I was so excited for a substantial amount to be blanketing the ground this winter. For the first time in 2{ish} years I was able to release my Coach snow boots from their hiding place in my closet!


Boots: Coach // Jacket: Old Navy // Scarf: gift // Jeans: Old Navy // Purse: Coach // Sweater: Old Navy //

I found my boots at a store called Clothes Mentor, it's the woman's version of Plato's Closet. The purse was found at Goodwill. (I rarely ever pay full price for anything)


  1. I love the boots and how you styled them!

  2. Adorable and yet another Amazing find! Seriously I think my next vacation is coming out to visit you for a lesson in Designer Thrifting ;) Stay Warm!!

    1. That would be so fun and so dangerous!! I'd love to share my secrets(:


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