Snow Day

I've had a bit of family time while I was away, Mom and Sis flew up from AZ for a bit of an impromptu visit. I'm so thankful to have my family be such a big part of my life! During their visit they helped Anthony find a new car {finally!}

Anyways~ We had our first snowfall of the season! Luckily I had been wearing my Hunter's! This was my attempt at plaid-mixing, what do you think?

I had been eyeing this blazer on the Target clearance racks for a while, but thankfully I didn't commit to it because I found it at a local consignment store for half of Target's clearance price! This scarf is also a score: similar in style to the coveted Zara blanket scarf, but a fraction of the cost from Forever21.

Blazer: Target// Sweatshirt: Old Navy// Scarf: Forever21// Jeans: Old Navy// Boots: Hunter// Purse: Kate Spade// Sunnies: Kenneth Cole// Earrings: Old Navy// Pin: thrifted//


  1. First snow fall of the season?!?!? Goodness- today we are having our 10th snow fall of the season, haha. That's wonderful that your mom and sis came up to visit, family is so important!

    I am in love with these photos! You look GORGEOUS! The plaid on plaid is Perfect, the color mix of red, blue and green hits the mark! Don't tell me you found the Kate Spade bag at a Thrift Shop?!?!


    1. It usually only snows once or twice a winter here! Thank you so much for the sweet words, I was worried that I was over-doing the plaid! I only wish I found the Kate Spade thrifting...I found it at Nordstrom Last Chance (the outlet store after Nordstrom Rack-only found in AZ) It was still an amazing bargain!


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