Lorac Mint Edition Palette

I've been eyeballing the Lorac Mint Edition Eye/Cheek Palette for a while now, and I saw it leave my Sephora before I had convinced myself to buy it. I was certain that I had missed out! This is why I tell myself that I would rather regret buying something than regret not buying something... that's what return policies are for, right? Luckily I found that it was still available on the Lorac website! I'm glad I waited because they are including it in their V.I.P. sale for less than half price!

As a bonus Lorac includes a couture shine liquid lipstick in the color Retro. I think this 'liquid lipstick' is more of a gloss than anything, and that the color does not match the color of the picture on the box. It is in fact more of a nude pink and it is so pretty! And, it smells like vanilla cupcakes! Yum!

The packaging was love at first sight! The magnetic sealed palette is made of a faux leather to resemble a very Spring appropriate envelope clutch. I am loving pastel this Spring, the mint color seriously makes this palette!

The Mint Edition palette features 4 matte shadows, a highlight, a blush, and 4 shimmer shadows {none of which have names} They are all extremely velvety, easy to apply, and complimentary. This is a very versatile palette with a nice little pop of color for Spring, I can't wait to wear it!

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