Oh the Places We Go

So, I gave you the highlights of my trip, but there were days of places and spaces in between. I didn't photograph everywhere I went and every beautiful thing I saw, but I do have a handful of pictures to share...

prescott, az

prescott az mural

hotel st michael prescott az

Prescott, AZ

As a family we took a few little trips to nearby towns to check out some local attractions. Included on the list was a beautiful tourist town decorated with fragrant blossoming trees and attractive vintage architecture. Prescott AZ had very mild weather, I really enjoyed stopping by since the majority of my trip was so warm! Just outside of Prescott we located a flea market that was a "must" according to what we had seen online in reviews. I have to say, we made out pretty well in the antique department!

Overall it was simply relaxing to take in all of the sights and a change of scenery is always nice. Somethings that I especially love to see while I'm visiting AZ are the lizards! I don't know what but I find them to be absolutely adorable! I wish I could catch one and make it my pet!

Happy Friday!


  1. You got some great shots! I really love the colors and scene in the second photo!
    What camera do you shoot with?

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    1. I have a Nikon L810 {or something along those lines... maybe 180?} I'm really no photographer, I have yet to understand my camera. But thank you Amber!


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