What I Wore: Spring Break

Pastels on repeat. I could be slightly obsessed... I went on my trip with a half-filled carry on bag so I had to plan out my outfits and mix and match with the pieces I had {hence all of the pastel and muted ensembles} Why was my bag half full? I knew that I was going to be doing a lot of what I do best: shopping. Naturally I had to leave space for my finds to come home with me!

Top: vintage// Jeans: American Eagle {thrifted}// Shoes: Old Navy// Jewelry: Tiffany & Co, thrifted// Wallet: Kate Spade {thrifted}//

A side braid is probably my go-to hairdo when I actually feel like doing my hair {which is pretty rare.} It's so simple to do and makes you look much more put together. Lately I haven't been in love with my hair color. Is ombre hair still in style? Well, even on my most unsatisfied hair day I feel as though my hair color transitions nicely when it's braided. Thus saving my hair from more coloring damage, for now that is... Considering my hair is kept down and unstyled for the most part I'm leaning toward a new color, red maybe? The one color I have yet to try! Imagine how that would pop on this soft color pallet in my outfit!


  1. I'm obsessed with all of your pastel looks from Spring Break ;) Hope you had a blast!

  2. You're inspiring me to start pulling some pastels out of my closet! This look is adorable!
    I just started transitioning my hair to ombre, was hoping to stretch in between root touch-up appointments lol! I asked my hairstylist if ombre was still in since I feel like the last to try the trend, she said yes and I took her word for it!
    I bet you could pull off any hair color, red could be pretty!


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