Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

"Welcome to OZ"
My Great Aunt hosts at least one large tea party a year, each year she chooses a fun theme. Last year we sipped tea among the mad in Wonderland, this year we journeyed to OZ. We were in the company of the powerful Wizard, the Wicked Witch, Glinda the Good Witch, Dorothy and Toto, and several Emerald City residents. My cousins, and myself, became the Lollipop Kids.

My family is extremely artsy and creative, all decorations were handmade. They did such a great job!

tea party floral arrangement with handmade fabric cups and saucers

handmade munchkin place holders for Wizard of Oz party

Greeting us at the door were a tabletop of Munchkin place holders, favors, and a large beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Wizard of Oz party handmade munchkin place settings

Wizard of Oz party table with diy ruby slippers

This is where us 'Lollipop Kids' sat for tea. Those ruby slippers are an old pair of glittered tap shoes! The small hat displayed on the pedestal is a barrette.

Wizard of Oz tea party place setting

ruby slipper cookies for Wizard of Oz tea party

Queen Mary teas- tea party

For this party we enjoyed Queen Mary teas- specifically The Wizard of Oz, Golden Monkey, and Orchid Berry.

sweets for a Wizard of Oz tea party

Wizard of Oz party centerpiece

The rest of OZ was seated around this centerpiece. The yellow brick road of painted dominoes borders a second pair of ruby slippers and several other OZ inspired paper crafts.

paper flying monkeys for a Wizard of Oz party

Dorothy and Wizard of Oz characters made of paper for a party

diy hot air balloon decoration from a paper latern

Wizard of Oz party table ideas

 We all had a great time trying new teas in such an exciting environment! The Wizard of OZ was my favorite of the three by far.


  1. I am in love!! What an amazing idea, you had me at follow the yellow brick road... Best tea party ever! Your family is super crafty and creative. From the tap shoes turned ruby slippers, the paper lantern hot air balloon, the flying monkey cut outs, the garland, the tablescape, oh my I could go on forever. Beautiful details :)

    The tap shoes are my favorite, they are identical!!

    1. You were on my mind the entire party! I knew that I had to post all of the details for you to see! I wish you could have been there, thank you for all of the love!

  2. This is such a fun idea!! Love ALL the details!! Who doesn't love those ruby slippers, such a classic!!

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  3. Where did you find the flying monkey picks or cutouts? I have a retreat coming up that will be Wizard of Oz theme and they would be cool to have on tables

    1. My Aunt actually drew the design onto cardstock and used an Xacto knife to cut them out. You could probably find a similar design somewhere doing a Google search! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your retreat!


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