Macaron Anyone? {NYX Lipstick}

The macaron sensation has hit cosmetics! They may not be edible, but the new Macaron Lippies from NYX share the same neon and pastel hues as the famous treat. Perfect for spring and summer, to display, or for costume!

There are 12 total colors in the line, spanning far past the rainbow. I managed to get my hands on 9 of them at Ulta, but you can get them directly from the NYX Website too. FYI Ulta has NYX BOGO 50% off through May 31! These fun lippies are only $5.99, making these a great alternative to Limecrime lipsticks {which also come in irregular shades.}

Pistachio // Key Lime // Black Sesame // Blue Velvet // Orange Blossom // Coconut // Chambord // Earl Grey // Citron // Not purchased {but on my shopping list!}: Rose // Lavender // Violet //

I love NYX formula, it's rich and creamy and a great price. Overall a great drugstore lipstick option. NYX did a great job on this collection! Some of the lighter shades are a bit streaky but can be layered for great coverage!

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