{June} Ipsy Glam Bag

Another exciting mail day! Drum roll please... June Ipsy Glam Bag! I hadn't peeked at my Ipsy Glam Room this month or wached any YouTube videos to see what I had in store, so this bag was a nice surprise. As soon as is I had pulled the makeup bag from the mailer I knew that this month was going to be a good one!

Before we get down to the details I want to talk about this bag. If you have read my other Ipsy reviews then you are familiar with my opinion of a majority of their monthly makeup bags: I don't tend to like them. This bag had me dying to unzip it and see what was inside! First of all, just look at that print! It's gorgeous, but of course anything that Rebecca Minkoff has a hand in is. I'm in love.

Onto what's inside, aka the good stuff. According to Ipsy I'm going to be Pretty in Paradise and ready for summer!

Ofra Eyebrow Pencil- The color of this pencil is "Universal," quite honestly I hope that isn't supposed to be taken literally. It's a pretty dark brown, I'm not sure how well that color would suit a blonde or someone with black hair... It seems to be a great color for me. I dislike the fact that I have to sharpen it too! I can't find this product on their website, but all of their other liners {eye/lip} are $13

Be a Bombshell... Lash Out Mascara- Is it unusual to smell your mascara? I want to be able to provide as great of a review as possible, so for that reason I try to use all my senses when analyzing a new product. This mascara has a very chemically smell that has really turned me off of it... I'm not sure that I will use it.
Be a Bombshell sells this for $15

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray- This product is going to be nearly useless to me, messy "beach waves" are my natural hairstyle! I think I will using this product strictly for it's heavenly scent, it's so tropical and perfect for summer! A full 4.2 oz is $9 retail

NYX Butter Gloss- These glosses are everything. Ipsy sent me one of their best nudes "Creme Brulee." If you don't already own a butter gloss go buy one! They're $5 and seriously feel so smooth and buttery on your lips. Plus they smell amazing too!

Realtree perfume- Eh. I don't have a lot to say about this sample... The packaging is kind of cute? The smell of this perfume is just really not for me, it's very masculine. This sample is $7 on their site.

Overall, Ipsy sent me a great bag this month! {That could be the makeup bag talking, I really do love it!}

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