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Life has been full these past few weeks! Run, run, run. Rush, rush, rush. Chore after chore. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses...

I've spent a lot of time away from my desk- a lot of time away from home too! I've been putting extra hours in at "the office" and taking care of all of my adult duties. This girl barely has the time to shop!

When I do have a few moments at home I've spent them in my closet. Anthony made a deal with me- when we move {soon!} I can keep the extra bedroom as my closet, giving him full reign of the bedroom closet. His conditions: I get rid of 5 pairs of shoes, 5 purses, and 4 bags of clothes! It will be rough, but it will be worth it! Slowly but surely I have been sorting and bidding adieu. All of my shop links are in my left column {Poshmark, Blogger's Closet, Etsy} if you have your eye out for anything!

We get the keys to our new apartment next Sunday. We are moving slowly, thank goodness! I want to spend as much of the summer at our house {before it sells} to enjoy the backyard. I am going to miss my childhood home of nine years, but the future is bright and I'll always have my memories.

What's in store for me this week? I will be watching my cousin and Anthony's sister walk in their cap and gowns for their high school graduation {and attending rad parties of course!} Soon after I will be welcoming Mom for a short visit {I can't wait to see her!} She is flying up to whisk my Gram away. I'll be giving them both temporary goodbyes- Gram is moving to AZ with the rest of my family.

But for today: I'm enjoying my Pinterest inspired ice coffee {yum!}, writing to all of you, managing my social media and stores, then dashing off to a long night at work!

Coffee ice cubes in milk {with a dash of Torani syrup!} Tastes like a macchiato!
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Moving definitely has it's pros and cons for sure! How exciting you will have a room as a closet! That iced coffee sure looks yummy too!!!

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