PROM 2014

I'm beginning to feel old- just yesterday I helped send off my little cousin to her senior prom! It's been three years since my own {time flies!} and it will be years before I accept the fact that my little cousin is an adult {she will be graduating in just about a week!}

Willow was so anxious and nervous! You could regularly classify her as a tomboy {she never wears makeup!} But yesterday she transformed into a beauty queen! I kept her makeup natural since she isn't a regular wearer. Her mother styled her hair in a simple pony, curled and decorated with a small braid.

We thrifted this dress at our local Goodwill a couple of weeks ago after deciding that her previously chosen dress just wouldn't do. It still had it's boutique tags attached! Willow instantly feel in love. She is an artist and a romantic so this dress suits her style. The prom theme was "Back in Time," the dress is definitely reminiscent or earlier years.

I'm so glad that I was able to be a part of my cousins special prom memory! The seniors of class 2014 were blessed with a beautiful summer day in the 70's! Perfect weather to have fun, and that's exactly what they did!

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