Pumpkin Patch

I spent Saturday with some of my favorite people out at a pumpkin patch!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love the festivities associated to it. This pumpkin patch in particular was really great- everyone loads up on a tractor and gets driven out to a giant patch to find their perfect pumpkin. In their barn they have set up a small petting zoo and hay maze for children, outside they have a corn maze for those brave enough to enter...

There were pumpkins everywhere! All shapes and sizes. I would have taken more photos if it hadn't started raining. Despite the fact that we are all 'Washingtonians' we were all very ill prepared for the rain at the pumpkin patch, but it definitely made for a memorable experience! We will all look back and laugh about how cold and soaking wet we were. I would like to think that we will remember our mistakes for next year, but I bet we will forget something again!

Their best display of pumpkins was their giant Radio Flyer wagon filled with a variety of types and colors.

These are our chosen ones for the year! I couldn't say no to the white pumpkins! I think they are so chic!

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