{DIY} Spring Art

Happy April! Spring has sprung and Easter is right around the corner! I was working on some Spring cleaning yesterday when I decided that going to Target would be more fun {duh!} The Target 'dollar spot' is my favorite department to hunt through- there's always something crafty or handy at a great bargain! I walked away with some washi tape, gift tags, and a few other things that I "needed"... Afterwards I just had to go to TJMaxx to spend my reward. Michael's {the craft store} is just next door to TJMaxx, and though I rarely stop in, I thought: "why not?"

And that's when I found these..... {for only $1.50 each!}

Aren't they cute? Macarons, glitter, pastels... Perfect for Spring! They were so pretty that I thought, why not frame them?

I grabbed a few empty frames that I had boxed away and some 'dollar spot' finds to embellish with.

I used the original frame insert {just flipped around} as my background since it was already the right size for the frame, and played around with the layout using the card and it's envelope for color contrast.

Viola! A few minutes of fun turned into some cute art for my desk this season!

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