Wedding Expo Tips for Brides

what you need to know when attending a wedding expo and survival tips

When it comes to wedding expos and shows, there is a lot to be benefited. But, these events can be overwhelming and disadvantageous if you arrive under prepared. 

What You Should Expect at a Wedding Expo

Wedding Expo's are typically held in large conference centers and buildings of like size, they host booths that are rented to vendors that deliver products or services related to weddings. You can anticipate a variety of photographers, caterers, venues, bakeries, DJs, bridal stores, honeymoon locations, event rentals, boutiques, and more at these types of events. 

I'm not going to lie, there's going to be a lot to look at and a lot of people to talk to. In the end you'll walk away with even more flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials.

You're bound to encounter several pushy sales people too...they're going to want your contact information, and everyone is going to ask if you are a bride-to-be.

Wedding Expos do come with perks though- some vendors will host drawings for giveaways, and there are always freebies and samples!

Plan to spend a few hours at an event like this!

My bridal show experience:

I found out about a local wedding expo via Facebook and bought a ticket for myself and my sister, she is my maid of honor after all. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get acquainted with local vendors, and double as a fun girls day out. We left with just enough time to get there for the first fashion show... and neglected to research parking. We spend a good 15 minutes on Google Maps while circling a few blocks around the show! We missed the first fashion show, so we started through the maze of vendors. It was noisy, chaotic, warm, and our hands filled up quickly! Throughout the show we were juggling our phones and a large stack of flyers to reach out for samples and sign up for giveaways. We spent hours listening to sales pitches for vendors we didn't need, like dance lessons and photographers, and talking to helpful caterers and venue reps. And I cannot tell you how many times vendors assumed that my sister and I were the couple to be wed. We left drained with arm fulls of magazines, cards, and flyers. Sadly, a good 3/4 of these went into the trash. I just didn't need them. I found a few vendors that really made the whole trip worth while though! Unfortunately I didn't win any giveaways (guess it wasn't my lucky day!)
wedding expo tips

Survival Tips to Help You Maximize Your Attendance

  • A few hours of walking and mingling with wedding vendors is sure to take a toll on your feet, wear comfortable shoes so that you aren't looking for every opportunity to take a load off or leave early.

  • Make a wedding email. Every bride should have a dedicated wedding email for potential vendors, wedding websites, etc. It streamlines the planning process and prevents clutter in your personal inbox. Go above and beyond by making labels with your name, email, #, and wedding date to leave on email lists and drawing slips!

  • Know what you are looking for. Do your research and check out the vendor list before you go, make a list of who you want to talk to and questions that you may have. Start with these vendors once you arrive!

  • Wear distinguishing attire. Showcase your bride-to-be status with a tee, mini veil, or sash. Make it an event with your maids and have them dress up in bridesmaid gear as well. This way it's clear to the vendors who's who so they talk to you

  • Since you're bringing the girls, or at least one, bring 2 totes along. Each of you carry one so that you can separate flyers and cards from vendors you are interested in from those who you aren't.

  • The rapid distribution of marketing materials is more than enough reason to keep your hands free. Put your phone in your pocket or ask a bridesmaid to hang onto it for you. Plus, you'll want to be free to take advantage of the opportunity to taste test caterers and bakeries!

  • Last but not least, remember that it's okay to say 'no thank you.' Already found your venue? Great! But don't feel bad turning down a flyer for that country club. You don't need it, and it frees the vendor's time to talk to a bride who might!

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