Weekend Uniform

black and blue: an easy tee shirt and jeans outfit perfect for the weekend
Sometimes I wake up with a long to-do list and all I feel like wearing is a tee shirt. More often than you think, really. A variation of a tee shirt and jeans has become my weekend uniform. My collection of comfy tees is going strong, but I continue to add more of these open shoulder tops because 1. they are crazy comfy and 2. they are totally trending.

black and blue outfit with gold studs

trendy spring outfit- cold shoulder tee and studded accessories
A simple tee with even the smallest detail, like a shoulder cut-out, can instantly make for an easy chic outfit. Since this tee is a dark charcoal grey, I felt like the bare shoulders added an edginess that I played off of with studded accessories. 

I have given up hot tools for a while because I'm trying to get my hair healthy again... A high pony is my go to hair do now, and the messier the better! 

Cold shoulder tee, DIY earrings, and blue sunglasses

black and gold studded sandals
simple trendy Spring outfit with a cold shoulder tee and studded sandals
Black skinny jeans are my best friend, if you don't have a pair you need to go find some! They are a closet staple, just like a tee shirt.

It is almost Spring after all, so a pop of blue really made this outfit come alive. My sunglasses are a great Ray Ban alternative- they are Betsey Johnson, I found them at TJMaxx for like $10!

simple comfy weekend outfit idea

My earrings were a DIY project made to look like the Kate Spade glitter studs, make your own with my DIY here

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