Creating Stylish Outfits in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you need help finding an outfit for a special occasion, or you're just looking for advice on how to style outfits (to assist you in your morning routine), you've come to the right place!

I hate being that girl who stares into her full closet repeating: "I have nothing to wear!" when my closet is packed with beautiful pieces. (don't deny it, you do it too) Sometimes your closet can just become overwhelming, right? So much so that you end up reaching for the same outfit you wore last week... regardless of whether it was the most cohesive or stylish ensemble or not. When we are pressed for time, tired, or feeling uninspired we fall into the habit of throwing on whatever is in reach and running out the door.

Let's break that habit and build a better outfit!

Putting an outfit together really isn't as difficult as it can sometimes feel. I've condensed my outfit making routine into 5 steps that are easy to follow, and that will help you create a killer outfit. Use these steps when you are getting dressed and you'll always look chic!

Here's how I create my looks in 5 simple steps:

Step 1:

First I pick a focal point.

Sometimes my focal is a new shirt, other times I just have a certain color in mind. It really all depends on the occasion I am dressing for, or if I'm dying to wear something that I've just recently purchased. On the days that I have no outfit motivation my focal tends to be a tee shirt, and that's okay! Steps 2-5 will ensure that I'm still stylish and that I look put together.

(If your focal is a pair of shoes you'll only be working through 4 steps, but step 2 will take a little longer! If your focal is a dress you can skip step 2)

Step 2:

Next I find outfit essentials that matches my focal.

An outfit essential is just what it sounds like, a second piece that is vital to the look. Think pants to match your new shirt, or jeans to wear with your tee, etc. Your objective at this point should be to build your outfit's foundation.

Step 3:

From here I build interest, and that's easiest to do with layers.

Maybe add a pair of tights, a cardigan sweater, or a jacket to your look. Incorporating a 'third piece' is a styling trick that always makes an outfit look more intentional. This is where the fun begins- you can get as creative as you like, or keep it simple.

If the weather doesn't call for a multiple layers, look for a single piece that packs a punch. An extra texture or print will do just that.

Step 4:

Now it's time to accessorize!

Sometimes a simple belt or a scarf can completely change the feel of an outfit. I usually start with the purse though, I like to start here because I typically match the metal of my jewelry to the hardware on my bag.  Always add some sparkle and shine with a little (or a lot of) jewelry.

Step 5:

Find the perfect pair of shoes.

I always finish my look with a cute pair of shoes that coordinates with all of the colors, textures, and styles I've combined in my outfit.

To make it even easier for you, I've made a cute infographic to walk you through the process. Bookmark this page, Pin it, or download it (link below!)

Download the infographic here! Hang it in your closet in a cute frame for easy reference.

Let me know if this helped you, or tag me (@compasslanechic) in your next #ootd!

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