Holiday Cooking (and Gifting!) Made Easy with RawSpiceBar

The hardest part about the holidays, for me at least, is the cooking and baking! I lack creativity in the kitchen to say the least, and on a regular basis I turn to family and friends (and Pinterest!) for recipes. I was really excited when I learned about RawSpiceBar, a monthly subscription program for fresh ground spices paired with recipe options, to get me in the kitchen on my own with some new flavors.

Flavor Kits from RawSpiceBar are fresh blends of global flavors that are easy to use. They really take the hassle out of flavor pairing for a non-foodie like me.

RawSpiceBar is currently offering 3 limited edition spice kits and was generous enough to send me their Thanksgiving Flavors Kit. These limited edition kits can be added to your subscription order at an extra charge. Use the coupon code THANKS when you add the Thanksgiving Kit to your order and try it at a discount!

RawSpiceBar Subscription

Each flavor they send has a corresponding double-sided recipe card with pictures of each dish. I don't know about you but pictures are a must-have for me when I am selecting recipes. 

Pumpkin is undeniably one of the best flavors of the season, and the 'Unpumpkin Pie Spice' came with a recipe for pumpkin donuts that I couldn't resist! (Lucky for me I already owned a donut pan from a previous recipe fail)

This particular recipe was so simple that even I couldn't go wrong! Just mix, pour, and bake.

rawspicebar subscription

Every recipe included in a Flavor Kit yields 3-4 servings, so I was able to bake 6 donuts and used the remaining batter to make 12 muffins. (Can that excuse why I ate 4?)

Another flavor from this kit that I was eager to try was the 'Peppercorn Chai.' Like pumpkin, chai is one of my favorite seasonal flavors. So much so that I enjoy it all year round! Adding peppercorn to the mix was something I was a little apprehensive about, but that is the beauty in RawSpiceBar, expanding my flavor horizons!

rawspicebar subscription

The best part about this recipe? I was able to pull out a wedding gift during the process- one of my new Kate Spade saucepans!

rawspicebar subscription

This recipe was just as straight forward as the last; heat, stir, and repeat. Oh, and strain of course! Not going to lie, I usually purchase pre-made chai tea mix so I didn't have loose tea leaves at home... I found a few tea bags of black tea leaves and just cut those open and they worked perfectly!

Peppercorn Chai was nothing short of spicy! I was extremely impressed by the bold flavor in the mix, but I found that my cup of tea tasted better with a spoonful of honey.

After about a half an hour in the kitchen I had enough donuts, muffins, and tea to share with my family while we trimmed the tree!

rawspicebar subscription

You can subscribe to RawSpiceBar by the quarter for just $26. You can even personalize your recipes with their Flavor Profile Quiz!

Do you have someone in your life who's looking for more diversity in the kitchen? There's even an option to give RawSpiceBar as a gift! Give the gift of flavor for 6 months ($52), or for an entire year($88).

Share your Give Flavor card (included in your kit) with a friend to get a free box when they sign up too!

RSB flavor kit subscription

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