How to Style More Than 1 Statement Piece in One Look

During the winter season it can be hard to style an outfit that is equal parts warm and chic. You bury yourself in layers just to stay warm and tend to throw fashion to the wind.

When I am shopping for winter clothes I like to reach for statement making takes on essentials; think coats, boots, and accessories. I look for items that can really make a winter look 'pop!' Reaching for neutrals would be the first choice for many, or incorporating a single statement piece is a common styling choice. Despite what you may think it is easy to wear more than one statement piece in the winter in one cohesive look!

Winter outfit ideas

How to wear multiple statement pieces

Here I'm wearing a metallic beanie, a bright textured coat, and glitter boots. I've paired these three statement pieces using 3 easy styling tips.

How to wear statement pieces

Wearing multiple statement pieces

Use a neutral

I'm wearing 'head-to-toe' statements here, and I'm breaking up the impact with black. Any neutral would create the same effect- dressing up an otherwise basic look with equally proportional statement pieces is essentially the trick.

How to style statement pieces

Balance your look

When working with multiple statement pieces, it's easy to get overwhelmed quickly. Creating a divide, or finding balance between statement items and simple items is essential.

Outfit making tips

Everything is better in three's, and that's true for statement pieces too. A balance of two smaller items to one larger is generally a good rule.

Winter styling tips

Pick a palette

The easiest way to build a look with more than one statement piece is to stick to a color palette. Monochromatic looks aren't necessary, but sticking to a single color family will keep your outfit cohesive. 

Statement looks

My light blue coat pulls out the blue-green tones in my beanie, and my silver glitter boots are in the same cool-toned color family. Despite them all being very attention grabbing pieces, they all worked well paired together since they share a color palette.

Styling tips for statement pieces

These style tips can be used in any season, but I find that they are especially helpful in the winter when all you want to do is be warm!

Statement styling tips


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