How To Make Athleisure Even MORE Comfortable

Weekend wear has developed a new stylish persona: athleisure.

Athleisure is the casual dressing style perfect for weekend errands, or busy week days. Not only is it now socially acceptable to wear athletic gear out the door to some place other than the gym, it has become a fashion statement. 

The key to perfecting the Athleisure look is a cute, comfortable, and functional pair of sneakers.

For quite some time I despised wearing sneaks... I remember finding the thought of wearing them nearly repulsive! Looking back now I laugh at my former self, as I have come to embrace the beauty of athletic shoes.

I can admit that most of my apprehension towards sneakers was that I actually found most of them uncomfortable (I know that sounds strange!) I have very picky feet to say the least... i struggle to find shoes that either don't agitate my heel spurs, or that don't apply too much pressure on my high arches.

Finding a pair of athletic shoes that fit my style is one thing (hello sparkle!) But finding a pair that are cute and comfy was a whole different story! It wasn't until I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed and stumbled upon this post that I realized that I could have the best of both worlds.

Making these adorable Sam Edelman shoes fit my needs was as simple as re-lacing the shoe strings. By lacing upward at the highest point of my foot I was able to reduce the amount of pressure that the shoe laces put on my arches.

Now I'm ready to tackle life head on (and chase after this little pup!) in comfort.

Other stylish Athleisure pieces worth adding to your closet: a cute cap, and a fun bomber jacket. I've found that this 'leather' cap goes with a lot more looks than I had imagined, plus it gives off an almost effortless cool-girl vibe. Also, this bomber adds texture to any outfit you make with it and I love the price point!

Shop the look:

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