Make Your Own Pom Pom Sneakers in 5 Minutes

an easy tutorial to DIY pom pom sneakers for a fraction of the price

Fashion is such a great way to express yourself, so I like to try fun and funky trends when they come around. One trend that I have been eyeing all over the internet is pom pom sneakers! I love faux fur and if you read my post on Athleisure then you know I have recently come to love sneakers. This hybrid is such a whimsical and cute addition to practically any outfit.

The pom pom sneakers on the market right now retail for well above what I was willing to spend on a pair of trendy shoes... I found a less expensive version online but I still couldn't get myself to pull the trigger. It wasn't until I was shopping for a keychain that I even thought of making a pair myself!

Want the look for less? Follow this super simple DIY to make your own pom pom sneakers in 5 minutes or less!

You will need:

- A pair of sneakers (preferably platform sneakers)
- 4 large pom pom keychains (I ordered mine on eBay, but you can find them almost anywhere and most are very inexpensive!)

That's it!

white platform sneakers

white pom pom keychains

Step 1:

Remove the key rings from the pom poms. (This step was the most difficult for me because of my acrylic nails!)

white platform sneakers and pom pom keychains

Save these rings for later! I'm brainstorming some keychain DIYs to repurpose mine!

use white pom keychains to diy pom pom sneakers

Step 2:

Un-lace your shoes, and add your pom poms as you re-lace like you usually would.

lace on white pom poms

make your own sneakers

white sneaker trend

And just like that you have a really cute and trendy pair of sneakers for a fraction of the price!

Step 3:

Style your new kicks!

DIY pom pom sneakers



I found my white platform sneakers on sale at H&M for $5, and my keychains were $1 each on eBay. My favorite part about this DIY is that I can easily take off the pom poms whenever I would like to wear my sneakers plain, or to use the poms as keychains again.


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