How To Host the Perfect Party

We've moved again! (And this time I hope we stay here a while) Taylor and I are getting all set up in our new home, and this space is perfect for hosting. It's been a short while since I have been able to organize an event (our wedding in October) so I am really looking forward to using our new space to create some memories with our friends and family. Hosting an event is no easy feat though! The key to hosting a successful event is a lot of planning and preparation, and I've simplified my planning process to make it easy to host tons of upcoming events in our new home. Right now we are prepping for our housewarming party, and today I'm sharing my 5 step process to party planning with you so that you can easily host your own event soon too!

An Easy 5 Step Process to Organizing a Party or Event:

how to easily plan a perfect party
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1. Pick a Date and Time

This is where I always start when I am going to host any sort of event. I like to try to plan a few weeks in advance, so I pencil in all of my open opportunities for a party into my planner. I use a process of elimination when considering potential scheduling conflicts in order to come to conclusion on one set date and time.

how to pick a date and time for an event that you are hosting

Right now Saturdays have been the most reliable day in my schedule to set aside enough time to host our housewarming party. Afternoons almost always work best for us and our families so it was an easy decision for this party!

2. Choose a Venue and Plan the Theme/Atmosphere/Decorations

This is my favorite part! My best advice for this step is to keep a common place for all of your ideas (like a notebook, Pinterest board, etc) Write down any thoughts about the party or event you are trying to plan and go from there. I like to find my inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, then I write out how I plan to recreate it.

how to organize your thoughts when you are hosting an event

When choosing a venue remember that the architecture of a building can play in influence in it's 'mood', just like vegetation can act as decoration in an outdoor setting. I like to use as much as I can from a settings natural state when I am creating my party atmosphere. My home decor is very tropical as it stands, so a tropical themed party was the perfect choice for our housewarming. I'm able to save a lot of money on party supplies because my current decor is playing a role in the atmosphere of my upcoming event.

3. Plan the Dress Code & Choose What to Wear

I like to get matchy-matchy with the theme, but by all means you don't have to! The time of day that an event is being held at is a clear indication of how to dress. Morning events are almost always casual, events held in the afternoon are typically semi casual, and evening events gravitate toward semi formal. Obviously this does not ring true with every party theme, but that is why this is step 3 of the process- so that you can decide what you will wear and what you will ask your guests to wear.

event dress codes and what I am wearing to my party

Our housewarming will be a casual celebration with our family and friends, but we are hosting at 4 in the afternoon. I would love for guests to arrive in themed attire, but my expectation for this event is that they dress semi casual because of the time of day that we are expecting their company.

how I'm planning and hosting my housewarming party

4. Write a Guest List & Send Invites

Now I can't help you write your guest list, but I can tell you the process of how I always write mine! I start by forming a list of names in my planning notebook with whomever comes to mind, then I consult my other half for first revisions. From there I focus on the event space and make adjustments if my head count exceeds my venue capabilities.

Once you have your guest list set in stone you need to send out invitations. With the world turning more toward a digital lifestyle, I naturally gravitate toward digital invites for my events. Truth be told I have more email addresses saved in my contacts than I have physical addresses on file! Plus, some people you know are probably always on the move (like Taylor and I!) and an invite is more likely to get an RSVP when it lands in their inbox rather than in their mailbox. Paperless Post is my go-to for stylish digital invitations (hello Kate Spade and Rife Paper Co!) Their digital cards always impress my guests, and they love how easy and simple they make it to RSVP, add the event to their calendars and find the event location.

digital invitations with paperless Post

party planning tips

When selecting the style and design of invitations to use, I recommend choosing something that accurately represents the vibe of the party you are planning. For our housewarming party I sent my guests digital invitations that reflected the 'tropical' theme that I was going for. This way guests have an idea of what to expect at the event, and they can choose what to wear (step 3!)

party planning tips and ideas

5. Plan the Menu

When it comes to menu planning I always turn to Pinterest for food ideas because I like to serve food that coordinates with the party theme too. Be mindful of the guests you have invited and accommodate their diets in your menu. Another tip, always provide more food and drink than your initial calculation!

fruit centerpiece for a tropical table setting

party setting and planning tips

palm leaf outfit idea

how to plan a party in 5 easy steps
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