Neutral Winter Outfit

Getting ready during these colder months sure is a struggle! I have such a difficult time getting dressed in the Winter. I find that I want to wear all of the cozy clothes and lots of layers! Do you feel the same way? This is when I like to mix different textures so that I can be comfortable, cute, and warm.

mixing textures in the Winter

Winter outfit idea mixing neutrals and textures

Today I'm mixing suede with knits and metallics. Something about mixed knits in the Winter makes me happy! I love the mix of textures. Soft suede and this knit duo paired together gives this outfit a lot of visual interest, but the color palette keeps it from becoming an overwhelming mix. When I'm matching knits I pair a 'simple' with a 'complex.' In this case my scarf is simple- a single texture and a single color. My sweater is a little more complex- variable texture and variable color.

Winter outfit idea

winter style- coffee, statement earrings, chunky scarf

Scarfs and earrings are the perfect accessory to dress up any Winter look as well. Every outfit needs a little sparkle, and a scarf is the best 'third piece' that you could add in order to make your look chic and pulled together!

what to wear when you are cold but still want to look cute

what to wear in the Winter when it's freezing but you still want to look polished

neutral winter outfit idea

If you have any great Winter style tips I would love to hear them! Leave a comment or head to my contact page to send me an email!

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