Think Pink (and Thrifty!)

I'm sure you all know this about me, but I just want to emphasis how much I love thrifting and finding a good deal! I don't call myself a frugal fashionista for no reason. Sometimes you just get lucky and hit the jackpot on the 'perfect for you' piece right away, and sometimes it takes scouring web pages and clothing racks for hours. Patience is key and the hunt always pays off!

outfit idea mixing high and low fashion
Coat: thrifted // Jeans: AYR // Boots: Tilly's // Sunglasses: Amazon // Purse: vintage // Tee: Old Navy //

Today's look is a mix of secondhand treasures and clearance deals, plus these Gucci dupe sunnies that I found on Amazon for only $15! Everything else that I'm wearing was found secondhand at Goodwill and on Poshmark, also my everyday tee was on clearance at Old Navy. This outfit is mostly new and I'm linking the identical and similar items for you to shop, but I have a love for mixing new with old so I'm wearing a vintage purse.

winter or spring outfit

You can find me thrifting at least once a week. (I hit Goodwill every Monday morning religiously with my mom) I buy and sell via Poshmark on a regular basis too. These pink velvet booties were a Poshmark purchase using money from sales that I had made. That means they were almost free right? Just kidding! They were a great deal though and I had been looking for a pair of pink booties!

how to wear pink

Everyone should experiment with fashion, I always find myself drawn to really one-of-a-kind pieces or things that I don't see everyone else wearing. This pink fur trim coat was screaming my name from across the store at Goodwill and I didn't hesitate to throw it in my cart! To my luck it fit and it perfectly portrays my sense of style.

Keep an open mind while sifting through racks at the thrift store! This tip has worked in my advantage and introduced me to so many new styles and brands that I may not have otherwise tried. Take these jeans for example, I had never heard of this brand before finding 2 pair of them at GW one week. They fit like a glove so I purchased them both. After research I found that they are a pretty pricey Nordstrom brand that I scored for a fraction of the price! Only downside: I want more pairs! If you are looking for a pair of skinny jeans that don't loose their shape and that fit really well then these are for you too. 

winter outfit idea

how to mix high and low fashion

When I put this look together I was getting Elle Woods and Sharpay Evans vibes (you know, Legally Blonde and High School Musical) I think it's fabulous, a little extra, and totally fun. Pretty much a reflection of me. Want to know what I was doing that day? Hitting the grocery store... In style of course!

thrifty pink outfit idea    

Speaking of, I found these glasses on Amazon while I was searching for this years Halloween costume because I plan to go as Elle Woods (yes, I realize I'm a little early! Just too excited!) When I saw them I had no idea that there is a Gucci pair that looks exactly like them for $1400! These come in other colors too if pink isn't your hue.

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