I Switched to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, And Here Are My Thoughts...

I've been a huge fan of the Ipsy Glam Bag subscription for years, I think I got my first bag in 2012? I've been reviewing them here on the blog on and off ever since. If you check out these older posts you'll see that I like to share a little about each product that I received, as well as the bag's overall value.

The original Ipsy Glam Bag subscription was a great value at only $10 a month- I wrote a whole post about how it works here! I've decided to suspend my subscription in order to upgrade to the Plus subscription to see if I love it too.

Their new Glam Bag Plus service is just as great of a value as the original at only $25 a month for 5 full sized products! Think about it, that like $5 each product and you didn't even have to cover shipping... Call me crazy but my immediate reaction was that this subscription had to be a better value than the regular Glam Bag.

pink Ipsy box

Ipsy ditched the makeup bags that they delivered your products in for the Plus subscription. I have to say THANK YOU! Although I loved the cute themed bags, I can't tell you how many little makeup bags I have accumulated over the last few years! Okay, I guess it's basic math, but what's a girl to do with over 70 makeup bags?! Instead the 5 full sized products are neatly packed into a pink Ipsy mailing box.

i switched to ipsy glam bag plus review

I've been a proud Glam Bag Plus subscriber for going on 3 months now, and I mean it when I say proud! My first box was for March and I was so eager to open it and see what kind of value I was getting with this new transition. March Glam Bag Plus did not disappoint! Ipsy did all the hard work for me and included a packet documenting each product's value, information on each product, and tips on how to use them. This is great for anyone who hasn't used one of the products included before!


ipsy glam bag plus review

First up in this box is the Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam highlighter- a $26 liquid highlighter with a nailpolish-like applicator brush. Liquid highlighters are very versatile, and look beautiful especially during the Summer. 


Next, the Purlisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer- a $45 moisturizer that I was introduced to via a past Glam Bag in a deluxe sample size. This moisturizer is very hydrating, lightweight, and great for sensitive skin. 

Also included, FARAH Brushes 5 Piece Eye Perfecting Brush Set- this is a $50 set of eyeshadow brushes that are made of Vegan bristles and plastic handles. Each one of them is very useful an I personally love having a big variety of brushes on hand.

review of ipsy glam bag subscription

This Realher liquid lipstick is beautiful- a $14 tube of something that makes you look good and feel good. "I Am Adaptable" serves as the shade name, but also a reminder to yourself, every time you wear it, that you are adaptable and will persevere. The hue is a very true red that looks pretty when wearing.

review of glam bag plus subscription from Ipsy

Lastly, the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in Coral- a $27 mini palette with nine perfectly blendable warm tone eyeshadows. This palette is a great size for stowing in a travel bag, and offers the versatility of everyday eye looks and glam eye looks. I have loved using it so far!

So, what did my March Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription value at? $26 + $45 + $50 + $14 + $27 = $162! Guys, that's about 6.5 times what I paid for my subscription... I'm shocked!


subscription review

For April, Ipsy sent me the following: Paris Hilton Skincare cleansing gel, Lovecraft Beauty blush palette, Goldfaden MD bright eyes, Benefit high brow eyebrow highlighter, Laura Sanchez moods eyeshadow and highlighter palette.

ipsy glam bag plus review

April value? $29 + $39 + $55 + $22 + $35 = $180! Seven times what I paid for my monthly subscription!

My Thoughts

Subscribing to Ipsy Glam Bag services definitely has its perks- You get personalized beauty products delivered to you at a fraction of their value and the opportunity to add more products to your subscription at a fraction of their retail price, you have access to Ipsy offers (discounts on products), and access to Ipsy Shopper (a cash back program for shopping through Ipsy). This subscription is definitely worth the money whether you enroll in the original Glam Bag service, or the Glam Bag Plus. The Glam Bag Plus is the most bang for your buck though!  

If you don't like surprises then you might struggle with a subscription that doesn't allow you to customize, but keep in mind that you might get treated to something that you may have never otherwise purchased and might love!

Five full sized products every month can be overwhelming for some, you can easily log into your account and change the frequency of your box delivery if this is the case for you. I might adjust my subscription to every other month delivery until I use up some of the products that I already own.

Honestly, I love surprises and I love bargains. I'll be keeping Ipsy Glam Bag Plus from now on. 


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