How I would spend $1,000 During the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Early Access to the Anniversary Sale is over- now the sale is live for everyone to shop!

The NSale, or the Nordstrom Sale, is one of the best ways to buy new styles for Fall at discount prices. Essentially you have access to buy everything on trend for the upcoming season and save money at the same time- for a limited time before it goes up to full price!

How I would spend $1,000 during the #nsale

A lot of people budget for this sale so that they can go all out! Now, not everyone has a bunch of money to dump just because there is a good sale... but if I had $1,000 to spend at Nordstrom during the Anniversary Sale, this is what I would buy... Shop the widget below (sorted by price low to high!)


A few of these things I did in fact buy! I'm looking forward to receiving these and sharing my thoughts on them. If you are contemplating buying any of these, or anything from the NSale, I encourage you to purchase if it's in your budget and if you change your mind return it. Sale items sell out really fast and Nordstrom offers free returns!