How to Make a Gift Basket with RawSpiceBar

Today I'm sharing how to creatively package a gift for the chef or foodie in your life with RawSpiceBar! I love making gift baskets, they are such a beautiful way to give a gift any time of the year. Last year I worked with RawSpiceBar to spice up my own kitchen, I loved it so much that I want to gift some flavor to my friends and family too. I signed up for the quarterly subscription and promptly received 6 freshly ground spice blends in my mailbox. This set of spices will serve as gifts this year in a couple of these gift baskets to some loved ones.

how to make a gift basket

Putting these baskets together was so quick and simple! I went out and purchased small glass jars, cooking utensils, decorative towels, and pots. The pot will serve as the basket for the gift- this way it is equal parts pretty and practical. I filled the pot with packing paper to elevate the jars for better visibility. Then I positioned the lid of the pot vertically inside to act as a backboard and to add height/dimension. The hand towel follows to cover the packing paper and for a decorative element hanging out of the front of the pot. From there I played around with the placement of the jars, spices, and utensils until I was satisfied with how it looked. I really wanted the packaging of the spices to be center focus!

gift idea for the foodies, chefs, or hostess with RawSpiceBar

I included the glass jars in this gift because RawSpiceBar recommends that spice blends be stored in resealable glass jars to maintain freshness. Now my gift recipient will have everything they need to add some flavor to their Holidays and to save the rest for later! These particular jars are so cute, plus they were really inexpensive too. I found the trio in the Target "Bullseye's Playground" dollar section for just $3! Everything else I purchased at TJMaxx. 

gift idea

I finished off the gift with some crinkled paper basket filler and a gift tag tied to the handle. Viola! A quick and easy gift ready for giving this season!


A really great personalization of this gift would be to include a handwritten recipe card for each spice included in this basket. RawSpiceBar offers several recipes on their site for every spice blend that they provide in their subscriptions. Alternatively you can always gift a subscription to your friends or family too!

gift basket with RawSpiceBar


Thank you to RawSpiceBar for providing me with the gift of flavor this season!

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