Is It Worth Ordering From SHEIN? Haul + Review

If you are a bargain shopper who loves trendy fashion then you've come to the right place! I just placed a huge order on and I'm sharing all of my deals with you...

trendy and afforadble fashion finds from SHEIN
If you aren't familiar with the retailer SHEIN, they are a trendy online shop that offers clothing and accessories at really low price points. They ship worldwide and sometimes even for free!

So, is it worth shopping Let's talk about the quality, fit, style, and the value of everything I tried from this fashion site! I did something similar to this last year when I placed an order with and shared a try-on with reviews of each product. The main idea here is to share with you my thoughts on what I purchase in order to help you decide whether or not shopping bargain fashion sites is for you.

Just want to know the outcome and all of my tips for shopping SHEIN? Scroll to the bottom



trench coat

try on haul and review

The quality of this trench was pretty good, but it was a thinner fabric than I had expected. The cut seems flattering and it seems pretty well made. This was an XS.

try on haul and review

This pink coat really surprised me! Lighter weight than I had expected, but the fit and quality is nice. I love the detail that this coat has between the adjustable ties, pearls, and fur hem on the hood. Oh, and the hood zips off! I don't remember seeing that in the description but it makes the coat much more versatile. I ordered the smallest size, Small, and I typically wear an XS.


try on haul

I love the print on this kimono! I didn't have high expectations for quality but I wasn't disappointed. This is great for Summer-Fall. Ordered an XS in this.

fringe blazer from SHEIN

I really wanted to love this blazer but I can't say that I do. It looked really cute on the model and I got the smallest size (XS) but it does not lay very well on me. It's not lined so it doesn't look perfect unbuttoned either. The fabric is nice but it definitely runs large.

floral print blazer

floral print plaid blazer from SHEIN

I really liked this blazer! I ordered an XS in this too and it fits perfect. No lining or closure but it has a very relaxed look anyway. I look forward to styling this for Fall!


I got a few graphic tees that I forgot to photograph before throwing into my closet (it'll probably be a minute before I find those again!) Overall the cuts, styles, and qualities vary on their graphic tees but the prices on them are always so low, think like $5-$15, that I want to recommend that you shop their selection because I have loved all of mine!

chic outfit idea with SHEIN pullover

I have worn this 4 times since I purchased it and I get compliments in it every time! This is so chic and comfortable. It's lightweight for a pullover but great for Spring and Summer. I ordered a Medium in this and I think I could have even worn a Large.

shein jumper

Another great fit and comfortable piece was this hoody. I ordered a Small in this. Lightweight again but great to throw on and go.

exaggerated bell sleeve sweatshirt from SHEIN

The model on the website definitely looks better in this than I do! I don't find this flattering on me and this is an XS! The pearls are very well secured though (as with all the pearl embellished items that I bought) so I anticipate them holding well through wash and wear.

SHEIN sweatshirt with gingham

The detail on this hoody is so adorable so I had to buy it. I could tell that it was cropped on the model, but I didn't size up to make it longer because I didn't want the sleeves to be too long. I stuck with a Small and I'm glad that I did.

sweatshirt from shein

When I pulled this out of the box, Taylor said this looked like a clown shirt! I think that it's a really fun design. It fits a little loose and it's an XS.

pearl pullover from SHEIN

I wish this embellished pullover was a little bit longer, but its still really nice and fit my shoulders well. A size Small would have probably been better so that I could layer with it since it's thin for a sweatshirt.

Pearl embellished hooded sweatshirt

I don't normally like a cropped sweatshirt but the fit of this hoody is so comfortable! I think the pearls make it look nicer too. I got an XS but a Small would have fit me well too and might have hit my waist.

cozy exposed hem sweatshirt

This cozy gray sweatshirt was a good pick too. It fits oversized and is long enough to wear with low rise jeans. I'm wearing my normal size, XS.

purple top from SHEIN

I expected this to fit a little differently, it wasn't modeled but I took a risk on it anyway. Maybe it would look better with high waist jeans but the draping of the fabric at the belly doesn't look very flattering. The fabric was silkier than I thought it would be too. This is an size Small and fits me fine otherwise, though the sleeves are a little short.


gingham dress with bell sleeves

How cute is this dress for summer? I ordered an XS since typically I wear a 0 in dresses, but it runs small and I wish that I got a Small since the fabric is stiff. It's sheer too... still a good deal for a couple of wears.
I actually ordered this dress too, but it fit so bad that I didn't even want to show you the pictures! Just don't buy it!


pearl embellished flares

I love these pants! They are stretchy, comfy, and so fun! XS fits perfect for me so they are true to size. I'm 5'5" and the length is just right too. This style would look cute on someone taller too though since kick flares are so trendy right now.

SHEIN jeans

These jeans are a very unusual cut and have no stretch to them. I don't think I'll try another pair unless they are super cheap. These are tight in the thighs and butt, the zipper/crotch is awkward, and the waist is way too big! They are a size Small and I wear about a size 25 normally.

polka dot SHEIN pants

These pants do not fit me like the model! I ordered a Small, which was the smallest size available. They should have been high waist and slimmer according to the website images so they run really big. I feel like a clown wearing these, but they would look so cute on someone a little bigger/taller than me!


swimsuit at the beach

The beach blanket in this picture is also from SHEIN! It's very thin, slick material but I found that it is perfect for the sand and I am so glad that I purchased it.

SHEIN haul and review

I ordered both of these swimsuits thinking that I wouldn't like at least one of them, but to my surprise they both fit well! They are both size Small and fit true to size. The quality of the yellow set is definitely higher than that of the striped set though. I don't wear swimsuits often so I wasn't bothered by the quality, especially for them being $15 each.

Shoes and Accessories

straw cabby hat

I wanted to get on the cabby hat trend without paying too much, I found out that this trend doesn't work for me and this hat was way too big.

Is it worth ordering from SHEIN? Try-on haul and review

If you have an iPhone 6/7/8 then you should buy your cases from SHEIN! They have so many cute ones, they are very inexpensive, and great quality! Also, if you are a popsocket user then buy yours on SHEIN too cause they are only $4 and they come with dashmounts! That's like a $16 savings overall.

Is it worth ordering from SHEIN? Try-on haul and review

Chloe bags have been really popular so when I saw this handbag at a fraction of the price I wanted to give the dupe a try! The faux leather is kind of plasticy but the look is really nice.

Is it worth ordering from SHEIN? Try-on haul and review

My palm leaf pillow covers were a really good purchase! I slipped them over some old pillows and they zip closed. The backsides aren't printed but they look more expensive than they were.

pink boots

These pink boots are perfection. They fit great and are good quality. The brand is Bamboo which I have seen offered at other retailers. They run true to size.

pink heart sunglasses

There were a lot of really cute sunglasses to choose from, but I had to have these pink heart frames! They arrived in a hardshell case which I thought was really nice and they seem sturdy enough to last more than one season.

Is it worth ordering from SHEIN? Try-on haul and review

I get tons of compliments on this little tassel bag too! It's pretty low quality faux leather and it smelled really strong of plastic when I first got it, but the scent has since worn away and it hasn't shown any signs of wear after excessive use.

The Verdict... Is It Worth Shopping SHEIN?

YES! If you are a trendy risk-taker, a frugal fashionista, or if you are a savvy shopper then you should definitely browse! In my experience I have received a lot more 'hits' than I have 'misses' when ordering. The most expensive item that I have purchased was $20 and I have gotten most items between $4-$10 (some even lower!)

Overall Thoughts About SHEIN

I've ordered from SHEIN a few times now, here are all of the things that I wish I knew before I ever placed an order:

Saving money- SHEIN always has some sort of coupon code out to save money on your order, and typically the more you buy the more you save. There are exclusive sales on their APP too, plus more ways to earn SHEIN Points that can be used as currency toward future purchases.

Go for express shipping- I have ordered from SHEIN before and didn't qualify for free express shipping. I didn't pay the extra few dollars for it either thinking that it wasn't worth the money. Standard shipping for some pieces can take seemingly forever (think weeks) so splurge on the shipping if you have to. Or else you might get those trendy items too late!

READ THE REVIEWS!- No reviews? Then read the measurements of each size. Note: the measurements are listed in cm only on their app, so you'll have to figure out the conversion. If you can, write reviews of products that you've experienced to help other shoppers make informed decisions too!

Sold Out items- Just because something is 'sold out' doesn't mean that there isn't another listing for an identical item (sometimes even at a lower price!) Just use the search bar to shop around, I saw a few items double posted.

Browse Often- SHEIN supplies a lot of dupes for styles that are being offered at other retailers for higher prices, but these items often sell out fast! Check back often to browse their "What's New" category.


If you have shopped this site before share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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